About RBR Group

RBR Group Limited (RBR) is headquartered in Perth, Western Australia with active business operations in Australia and Mozambique.


RBR Group Limited
PacMoz Futuro Medical Futuro Skills PacMoz Accommodation
  • Labour services and HR
  • Permitting, visas and registrations
  • Financial services
  • Legal services
  • Consulting work
  • Pre-employment medical
  • Occupational health monitoring
  • Injury management
  • On site medical support
  • International-standard training
  • Targeted range of training
  • On site mentoring and training
  • Further revenue streams outside of Mozambique
  • Fully equipped camps
  • Revenues accrue through provision of board and lodging to clients

In Australia, RBR has a training organisation, Futuro Skills, which has built a substantial capability of trainers/assessors, selected based on their industry experience, professionalism and their ability to build and maintain rapport with trainees. Futuro Skills offers Australian qualifications and training to world's best standards, as well as bespoke training programs for its clients. RBR also holds a portfolio of prospective mineral resources tenements in Western Australia – see the Resources Projects page for more details.

In Mozambique, RBR's strategy is focused on addressing the challenges of local content and is entirely aligned with the Mozambican government's key priorities: vocational education & training with sustainable employment outcomes, and health services. RBR's target clients operate within the growth sectors in Mozambique: oil & gas, resources/mining, construction and logistics. RBR's aim is to create real & sustainable opportunities for the impoverished and disadvantaged people of the country to participate in its economic renaissance, fundamentally through education/training with "wraparound/support services" (examples include psychometric profiling, assistance with micro-financing, small business management & entrepreneurship training, and assistance in securing employment), and health support.

A particular focus will be on creating opportunities for women to participate in the target growth sectors. RBR offers training in non-traditional roles such as welding (discussions with potential employers are underway, and a pilot training course is imminent), as well as specialist training which will present real opportunities for women to establish their own businesses, with RBR support, so that they can become truly financially independent.