Financial Summary

Number of shares 788.5M
Performance shares/rights 9.25M
Options (ex. price A$0.025, exp. 30-Jun-2020)

Options (ex. price A$0.014, exp. 31-Aug-2021)

Convertible Notes




Source: IRESS

Key Shareholders

Board & Management 26.7%
Athol Emerton (Mozambique logistics/resources businessman) 12.3%
Gurravembi Investments Pty Ltd 3.55%
Ms Linvana Thomson 2.66%
Josh Pitt – Perth Capital 2.54%
Top 20 Ownership >44.8%
Performance Shares

Staff performance shares

  • 1.75M expiring 30.06.2020 subject to various KPIs.

CEO performance rights.

  • 7.5M expiring 29.11.2020 subject to group market capitalisation (30 day average) $10.0M and/or group gross income exceeding $2.0M.
Financial Considerations

RBR is significantly undervalued given it has:

No debt
A modest cost profile and positive outlook on future cash generation
A robust, compelling and replicable business model, requiring minimal capital investment
A very experienced board and management team
A strategy which utilises partnerships and JVs with sector experts/leaders to accelerate entry into target sector


Registered & Business Office
  • Level 2, 33 Colin Street, West Perth
    Western Australia 6005

    PO Box 534
    West Perth 6872
    Western Australia
  • Telephone: +61 8 9214 7500
    Facsimile: +61 8 9214 7575

ASX Stock Price (ASX:RBR)

Australian Stock Exchange

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