Futuro Business ServicesFuturo Business Services (FBS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RBR, operating in Mozambique. With a deep knowledge of Mozambique’s regulatory landscape, Futuro Business Services provides a range of Business Development Consulting and Corporate Administration Services to our clients.

Development of the LNG and other resource projects is raising Mozambique’s profile as an exciting local and foreign investment destination. Futuro Business Services accelerate compliant entry into Mozambican markets for both local and foreign investors, working to lower scaling risk once established. Since 2013 our experienced and well connected local consultants have helped local and international companies establish and scale in Mozambique.

  • FBS is both a revenue business, and an enabler of the RBR business model of skilled labour supply
  • Value stems from market intelligence, competitive advantage and growth potential it offers RBR
  • Provides access to key information on every company that is registered in Mozambique, e.g. ownership structure, business licences, key activities
  • Intimate knowledge of immigration processes
  • Network of offices allows engagement with stakeholders and government decision-makers at the local level
    – Clear competitive advantage over companies trying to conduct their activities from a single location
  • Provides business administration services to the other RBR business units in Mozambique
  • Maintains a watching brief on resources opportunities (mining tenements) as they arise
Business Services Mozambique
Business Development Services
• Market Orientation
• Beach Head Strategies
• Contracting Support
• Business Development Support
• Local Business Mentoring
Corporate Administration Services
• Doing Business in Mozambique
• Business Participation
• Licensing of Activities
• Registration of Commercial Representatives
• Drafting of Contracts
• Compliance Needs Analysis & Corrective Action Implementation
Consulting & Other Business Services


Registered & Business Office
  • Level 2, 33 Colin Street, West Perth
    Western Australia 6005

    PO Box 534
    West Perth 6872
    Western Australia
  • Telephone: +61 8 9214 7500
    Facsimile: +61 8 9214 7575

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