RBR’s Futuro Group operations in Mozambique have been enabling companies to establish and thrive by providing low risk solutions to complex training, labour and general corporate administration challenges since 2013. Our local services deliver grass-roots knowledge, agility and flexibility under a framework that is committed to international standards of governance. Our aim is to build sustainable futures for our clients and their stakeholder communities.

Recognising Mozambique as RBR’s primary growth market at present, we have established offices in the capital Maputo, the regional centres of Beira, Nacala, Pemba and Palma, and mobile facilities which can service almost any remote location.

RBR aims to continue to emerge as the pre-eminent supplier of training and labour related services in Mozambique.

Maputo Mozambique
RBR Labour Service Provision

► Mozambique is RBR’s primary growth market at present.

► Activities showcase the company’s capabilities:

  • Business services
  • Training
  • Staffing Solutions with fit-for-work, skilled and insured staff

► Attraction of huge gas discoveries, numerous mining projects and infrastructure investments

► Extensive regional experience in board and management

► Leverage off a nationwide network of offices and business contacts

► Established operations with offices in Maputo and Palma, and access to offices in Pemba, Beira and Nacala

► An extensive partner and client base which continues to grow

► Key Government partnerships facilitating skills and knowledge transfer

► Demonstrated value of the model and provides RBR with the template for replication